Pet Portrait
Commissions Available!

Personalised Pet Portraits Available. All the information you need is on  this page. Scroll down, have a read, decide which specifications fit your needs and you'll be on your way! Limited bookings each year, so you'd better be quick!

Once you've made a decision, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and press submit and the process has begun!  

I look forward to interacting with you all!

Any questions or enquiries welcome, just email. 

Price List and Sizes       Prices updated April 2019, All commission submitted before this date will not be affected.










***All commission require a non-refundable 50% deposit of the commission price***

5” x 7”
2cm x 17cm                                                  
Single Subject Head shot

8” x 10"
 20cm x 25cm                                             
Single Subject Head and Chest


11” x 14”
28cm x 35cm
Single or Double  Subject Head and Chest/Single Subject Full Body


16” x 20”
40cm x 50cm 
Single, Double or Triple Head and Chest/Single Subject Full Body

20” x 24”
50cm x 60cm 
Single, Double or Triple Head and Chest/Single or Double Subject Full Body

Custom Sizes (Square)

30cm x 30cm 
Single Subject Head and Chest

40cm x 40cm
Single, Double Subject Head and Chest/ Single Subject Full Body

50cm x 50cm 
Single, Double or Triple Subject Head and Chest/Single or Double Subject Full Body


Framing  and Postage Options
           *** Postage costs will vary due to sizing and location, International postage is available ***


Handmade Framing 
Made by the artist as a safe way to store artworks for travel and further framing by the client.
The framing is made from Mat board and Foam-cor. This is a temporary method for clients.
This method is suitable for clients looking to frame their own works. | $30

Professional Framing
I have a professional framer that I use to frame my professional artworks.
If you require professional framing, I can handle that as well.
Just take into account Professional Framing will take between 4-6 Weeks 
depending on the framer's schedule. 



Packaging and Postage

Normal Postage + Packaging
Artwork will be packaged in clear film, bubble-wrap, foam cor and kraft paper
for ultimate protection. I will provide client with a tracking number and a signature
will be required upon delivery. Normal shipping should take between 3-7 business days.
International shipping will take longer. 


Express Postage + Packaging
Express packaging will be of the same standard as normal packaging.
Express post should take between 1-3 business days.
International shipping will take longer. 





*** P&P Prices start at $40 to cover material costs for packaging, postage costs are to be determined upon completion of the artwork***


                                 COMMISSION GUIDELINES

PHOTOGRAPHS - Once submitting your commission application form (at the bottom of the page) send through images that you would like to use for the commission  to my email address - . Be mindful of the quality, I, as the artist will only accept images of quality that I deem workable. 

SUBJECTS - Commissions can have multiple subjects. ALTHOUGH, once the subject limit exceeds 3, it cost $20 per extra subject. If you're paying for multiple Individual portraits, this does not apply.

TIME FRAME - The artist requires a MINIMUM of one week to complete commission. The client will be updated throughout the process. Commission time will NOT exceed one month. This time frame can be subject to change daily but the client will be immediately notified.

MEDIUMCommission are Black and White ONLY. The commission are completed in Ballpoint Pen and produced on high quality paper to ensure durability and longevity.

Good Quality Reference Photos 
(Good reference photos show clear contrast, clear detailed image)


Submit for Commission Request!
If Multiple Subjects, how many?
Postage and Packaging
Terms and Conditions
Upon commission approval, you as the client accept:
1. The artist reserves all rights to use reproductions of the work to promote herself. This includes the right to post reproductions on social media
i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Website.
2. If the client has booked a slot but doesn’t follow through with the requirements of the commission, the artist reserves the rights to keep the deposit given
by the client.
3. The artist does not take responsibility for commission once it is in the client’s possession.
4. Agree to provide the artist with a 50% non-refundable deposit 
5. If you do not provide the material needed to complete commission by starting time, the artist has the right to reserve the deposit and you're booing will be terminated.

Bad Quality Reference Photos 
(Blurry, dark and to far away. These images would not be suitable)


Please use a computer to see all commission information, thank you. 

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